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Bridal Veil Falls Flow Restoration Project

Project Update: November 28, 2023

Construction Repairs at Bridal Veil Falls Have Been Completed

Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) has completed construction to restore the pond at Bridal Veil Falls and repair the damage to the Provo River Parkway that was caused by the avalanche in Provo Canyon earlier this year. No additional construction closures remain in place.

Upcoming work at Bridal Veil Falls

Starting in 2024, Utah County will hire a contractor to design and construct safety improvements at Bridal Veil Falls as budget allows. During this time, visitors can expect intermittent closures near Bridal Veil Falls and along the Provo River Parkway.

Earlier this year, crews were able to remove debris and clear the ice bridge that had formed over Provo River due to frozen avalanche deposit, safeguarding visitors from potential hazards.

When visiting Bridal Veil Falls, please exercise caution and follow the posted signage.

Contact Information

Hotline: 801-851-8000