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Central Utah Water

Water Efficiency Program

Introduction / Background

Forms in a trench to lay pipe on the side of a road

Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) is committed to efficiently using water, a limited and finite resources, and investing in water conservation to meet goals for wise, practical, and restrained water use. The Water Efficiency Program was developed to meet these goals. The program identifies, evaluates, and implements water efficiency measures, and provides a funding mechanism to implement approved projects. These projects serve a variety of purposes with the common purpose of improving efficiency of water use and conserving water. Selection of a project will depend on a variety of factors, including the estimated volume of water conserved through implementation of the proposed efficiency measures, the value of the conserved water, the ability to exchange or transfer conserved water to CUWCD, and funding availability.

Program Process


As of fiscal year 2021, CUWCD has committed funds for the Water Efficiency Program to be awarded for approved projects. Applicants should include all costs related to the project and not limit what is included based on current CUWCD budget.

NEPA Compliance

Compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) may be required depending upon the project. CUWCD will determine if compliance is necessary and the environmental work may be conducted by CUWCD staff.

Selection and Prioritization Process

Future projects will be prioritized based on the following criteria (0-5 point scale):

  • - Quantity of the water conserved
  • - Environmental enhancement
  • - Total cost per quantity of water conserved
  • - Public interest
  • - Educational Value

Additional points will be awarded to projects based on the following criteria (0-15 point scale):

  • - Conserved water dedicated to CUWCD for instream flows or other purposes
  • - Project provides a direct benefit, or is of importance to CUWCD

Additional points will be awarded to projects based on the following criteria (0-20 point scale):

  • - Volume of water for conjunctive management of surface and groundwater resources
  • - Volume of conserved water which can be counted and applied directly to the contractual obligations of CUWCD under the Utah Lake System (ULS) project repayment project

Priority in both ranking and funding recommendations will be given to projects determined by CUWCD to be critical to the future success of CUWCD.

Forms being placed for a pipeline Pipeline being moved my construction equipment into a trench

Program Funding

CAT tractor equipment digging in a trench

CUWCD requires a minimum of 50% of the implementation cost be provided by the applicant as their cost share. CUWCD funding will be determined by staff and is subject to available funds and project timeline.

As of fiscal year 2021, the district has committed $1,000,000 for the Water Efficiency Program. Applicants should include all costs related to the project and not limit what is included based on current CUWCD budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications can be submitted at any point before or during the project construction. However, the earlier the better and some projects may not be eligible for funding once underway.

Funds are provided after some/all work is completed. Invoices for work completed must be provided before CUWCD issues any money.

Someone should contact you within a few weeks upon receipt of your application. However, an award or rejection decision may take more time and applications are evaluated in the order that they were received.

The amount funded by the district is directly tied to how much water is estimated to be conserved. Funding may also be dependent on the ability to exchange or provide conserved water to the district. Funds are also dictated by the cost of the project and maximum of 50% of the project can be paid by the district through this program.

Funding will require a contract between CUWCD and the Applicant and may include requirements for reporting and providing water to CUWCD.

No. CUWCD may require environmental documentation after the application has been reviewed but is not necessary to apply.

Any project that has a water saving component or is designed to increase efficiency within a water system. This can include projects like installing or upgrading meters, lining or piping canals, water efficient landscaping, and conservation education.